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Germany is known throughout the world primarily for its great German lager and although Germany offers many different types of beer, the Bavaria beer or Bavaria lager is perhaps the most famous group.

Bavaria Beer and the Oktoberfest

Bavaria, encompassing Munich, its Capital, is of course home to the Oktoberfest (or Octoberfest as it is often written in English), a Munich beer festival where torrents of patrons flood in from all over the world to taste the sweet (or slightly bitter) nectar brewed that year by ‘the big 6’ Munich breweries. Oktoberfest beer, also referred to as Munich Beer, has a special designation and is an appellation for beer brewed by those select 6 historical breweries:

This gives Bavaria beer a sort of special mystique since it conjurs this exclusive feel, even though much of the popular Bavaria lagers and beers are not considered Oktoberfest beer.
Many breweries make their own versions of Oktoberfest Munich beer, although technically they mustn’t call it that.

Tegernseer Hell is a prime example of a Bavarian beer which is known for it’s exceptional quality and yet the Tegernsee brewery is still not approved to brew official Munich beer for the Okotberfest.

During the time of the Munich beer festival, Oktoberfest, we will have this year’s selection on offer so that you can buy Munich beers: the official beers of Oktoberfest 2016. Meanwhile, take a look above at our selection of great Bavaria lager and other Bavarian beers.