German Beer

Here at Bierhaus, we strive to bring you the best german beer at the lowest prices with the best German beer offers around. German beer is known throughout the World for being of unrivalled quality and so we made it our mission to bring German beer to the UK without compromise.

While other beer merchants may sell the export versions of various German beers, we import the authentic German and Bavarian beers, made by the breweries for consumption by Germany’s discerning beer drinkers. This means that when you buy beer online from us you receive fresh, authentic German beer of an unrivalled quality for the UK. This is particularly important for the most famous German beer styles and Bavarian beer such as lager and weiss beer (wheat beer) which tend to be distinguished by nuanced characteristics and ‘noble’ hop aromas and flavours which promptly fade if not transported and stored with the greatest care. 

A huge selection of the top German beers, biggest German beer brands, and world-renowned German lagers can be found here on our website along with many tempting beer offers and beer deals! Enjoy!